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Spa Louise offers various gift vouchers. You can buy your gift voucher easily online or by coming to one of our salons (Jette-Ixelles).

Validity: 2 years



Rental 100% private wellness area with swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam for 2 people for 2 hours.



Relaxing and therapeutic massages of your choice for 1 or 2 people.

From 44€

Huile d'aromathérapie

Sweet formula for 2 people:

- 2 hours of private spa

- 30 min duo massage

- linen kit included

(from Tuesday to Saturday)


Huiles Aromatheapy

Relaxation formula for 2 people:

- 2 hours of private spa

- 1 hour duo massage

- linen kit included

(valid from Tuesday to Saturday)



 PACK LOVE for 2:

- 2 hours of spa privé​ with romantic decor

- towels and sandals

- soft drinks and sweet/salty tasting tray



 PACK CUPID for 2:

- 2 hours of spa privé​ with romantic decor

- towels and sandals

- soft drinks and sweet/salty tasting tray

-massage in duo 30min



  VENUS PACK for 2:

- 2 hours of spa privé​ with romantic decor

- towels and sandals

- soft drinks and sweet/salty tasting tray

-duo massage 1 hour


Our gift vouchers are available for purchase online or on site in our salons in Jette or Ixelles.


Did you receive a gift voucher to come and enjoy the private Spa?

Contact us to fix the reservation together at0471/540.890.

Once the appointment is made, you can move or cancel it up to 48 hours before the scheduled time of  rdv, this free of charge, after this time the gift voucher is considered used et_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_so lost if you don't show up.

Our gift vouchers are valid for 2 years, not extendable.


« This private spa in Brussels is very pleasant, everything is there to have a good time »

Ben Rabbah Moh.

«  Beautiful romantic decor for my girlfriend's birthday, heated pool and jacuzzi at the top»

H. Ben Y.

“A divine massage and good time in the spa ”

Garcia J. Pedro

“Space reserved between friends, we took full advantage of this space just for us 5 ”

P. Millan

"Very nice wellness in brussels, pool, saunas and jacuzzi were perfect"

Y. Michel

“ good private spa, in brussels there aren't many places that offer this kind of private space, I recommend. ”

Abu H.Y.

good private spa in ixelles, relaxing time with my girlfriend. everything works perfectly.

Soufiane L.

A great discovery, passing through Brussels, we were looking for a wellness center in Brussels. This private spa won us over. We spent a very pleasant afternoon there, took advantage of the facilities such as the swimming pool, the spa, the hammam and the sauna and received a divine massage.


Nice place, cool team, this private spa in Ixelles is TOP

Julie V.N.

The spa is renovated and nothing  to complain about, ideal for spending a romantic moment.


I went there for my evjv, my girlfriends had everything ready, super stylish decor and hot spa.

Wonder K

very good private spa in brussels, there are not many spas in brussels of this level. Very nice and attentive team

Ben M.F.

it's great to have a place like that in brussels, they're open even at night and that's very rare. A small evening between friends, it was very good.

What. NOT

too good a zen evening in this spa, everything is there, we are just too good!


Beautiful wellness in the center of Brussels, I recommend the Relaxation Formula which is very cool and relax. Next time in Brussels we will go back to Spa Louise

Garcia. P

too much romance! What a moment of happiness, I did not expect to enjoy the private spa like that, as the public spas are closed during the covid, we were looking for a space to relax... I think I will not go back to public so much we enjoy much more, thank you Spa Louise

S. Celine

good spa, good swimming pool, good jacuzi and super good massage

Lukas D

a spa in brussels that is worth it. I love the concept and the quality, especially in Brussels, the spas are not that great

Sesk. Y

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